In the Spirit of Education

Creating a great cocktail is a delicate balance of artistry, knowledge and technique. Spirit Forward’s cocktail classes provide a hands-on experience that cocktail enthusiasts and at-home novices alike can enjoy.

We host public and private workshops, in-home or at a venue - perfect for bachelor/ette parties, birthday parties, corporate team-builders and staff trainings. Our workshops are a fun and interactive way to spend time with friends, drink custom creations and learn a new skill. We even offer photography services so you can relive and share your experience!


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Home Bar Basics
Hands-on bar 101 class that covers tools, techniques and ingredients needed to make an array of classic cocktails at home.  We cover the difference between stirred and shaken drinks, as well as share the importance of using fresh fruits and herbs.  Each participant has their own bar station and is shown in a step-by-step demonstration how to make 2 classic cocktails, which they get to enjoy throughout the class.  Each participant leaves with a list of classic recipes and a home bar set.

World's Best Old Fashioned
Known as the "original" cocktail, the Old Fashioned is a perfect balance of bitter, set and boozy. Making one isn't too hard, but perfecting it is quite the task. Join us as we dive into the more advanced and subtle techniques on how to master this drink. Topics include stirring technique, dilution, variations and garnish. This is definitely a class for the seasoned home bartender!

Home Infusions
Infusing your own spirits can seem intimidating, but with a little guidance, is a fun and easy way to introduce creative cocktail-making at home.  This class not only teaches you how to infuse spirits, but also what to infuse with, by exploring flavor profiles and flavor pairings.  Each participant will enjoy 2 cocktails using infused spirits of their choice. Then, in a hands-on workshop, everyone will begin the process of their very own custom infused bottle of Vodka to take home.

Fresh Gimlet Bar
The Gimlet is one of the most basic and delicious classic cocktails.  Whether you prefer Vodka or Gin, up or on the rocks, this drink pleases all.  In this class, each participant has their own bar station and we go over the traditional recipe in a hands-on demonstration.  The class then explores flavor profiles of varying fruits and herbs.  In the second cocktail demonstration, participants get to customize their Gimlet by choosing additional ingredients from a fresh fruit and herb bar.  The class includes 2 cocktails and a home bar set to take home.

Master the Margarita
Chances are you’ve had a really bad Margarita, but what makes it bad? This simple cocktail is only 4 ingredients, and yet so often done wrong. In this hands-on class we explore the history of the drink and classic recipe, as well as fun variations where guests can choose from an assortment of fresh fruits and herbs to make something custom. This class is the prefect precursor to a fun night out!